:) Did God Create Over Billions of Years? Article on Creation Ministries International (:

3/30/23 How can it be March 30th already? I was able to listen to this article on Creation Ministries International. I have found that if I use a Read Aloud Tool, the chrome extension tool, it will read the article for me, albeit robotic, and read its well. Click here if you would like to use that tool, and download it for free. It will do a speedy read for you for articles, or anything online you want to read but have limited time to.

The article picture segment is below, and I found it on Creation Ministries International website, or CMI.

Click here for the article link, to read “Did God create over billions of years?”

It is intriguing to learn about the different view of creation, and I believe that I am settled and that “it is well with my conscience” that the “young earth” view of creation is the view that I hold to. That the days were 6 literal days, and that the writings of Moses and other writings found in history point to total time of earth’s existence being about 6,000 years old.


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