A Defect of Mormonism – Part 1 – Refuting the article “What Latter-day Saints Believe About Jesus Christ”: A Background Story


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I have been pondering for a while how I can dismantle the lies of the Mormon cult that is making disciples in the world, but not making disciples of Jesus Christ in right doctrine. I thought about going through Wikipedia article for Mormonism, and refuting the main points based on what I know (a limited amount), is spoken against in the Bible. I did find the Mormon website of https://newsroom.churchofjesuschrist.org/article/what-mormons-believe-about-jesus-christ, a (2022 article). I hope to go through their points on the page called “What Latter-Day Saints Believe About Jesus Christ” point-by-point and find biblical refutes, aiming for the truth of God’s Word to cut through darkness in each one – if needed, and to bring the light and life that Jesus always has with Him! I have always believed that if God keeps something from you that you want, He has something better in mind for that desire. I need to find a good verse for that thought, because I know it is the correct thought.

Some Background For Me Studying Mormonism:

I had an acquaintance in college, and her name was Natasha K.*, and I aimed to share with her something that would bring the good news of Jesus into her world. She had been in a horrible car accident that took the life of her daughter and severely injured her leg, so that she had a crutch afterwards. I feel like a Mormon church group of some kind, some person had reached out to her in a most vulnerable state, and witnessed to her after the death of her daughter about the Mormon “truths”. Perhaps she didn’t really have given it much thought, even, but with her mouth she told me that she was Mormon. I hope to be prepared around this group of thought from “Mormonism” beliefs the next go round, because I lost that battle of converting her to Jesus, and I lost her as a connection. I didn’t understand as much then about communicating these kinds of things, so have mercy on me! Now that I try to remember it, I don’t think she had a supernatural occurrence related directly to Mormonism. I think she may have had tried to communicate with her daughter after death, as in communicating with a familiar spirit, falsely representing themselves as a person, what we know of as “ghosts”. She told me about this. Communicating with a familiar spirit is the idea of trying to communicate to a person once they’ve passed on (1 Chronicles 10:13). King Saul did this when he consulted a medium, and was punished because He didn’t consult God first. I don’t recall Natasha K. having any other supernatural experiences, but this experience of losing her daughter and use of her leg in a car crash led her to much hurt and bitterness. I think Natasha should be the reason I do this study. Also, I should for the fact that every time I think about Mormonism, I feel unsettled because I could not begin to explain to someone what Mormons believe, and why believing in Jesus brings more freedom.


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