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3/19/23 It’s not too hard to get caught up in emails these days. There seems to be an email for every thought a person has ever had, at least it feels that way. Many emails come in daily and I will to sift through them, but they fall through the cracks. Thankfully, I did see a task through that I set for myself in reading an article that had come in. I get an auto email in of a given weekday, maybe for everyday of the week from a group called “Bible Study Tools”. They really send me a verse, but attached at the bottom of the page, are articles that link me to believers that write phenomenon articles for them.

Experience With The Fear of the Lord

I have heard some comments before about how fear is mentioned in the Bible and have people speak of fear in a negative and positive light. I have come to experience myself and know that the “fear of the Lord” (reverential fear) has saved me on many occasions, and will for many more to come. I grew up in a household where traditional husband and wife, parents and children authority was present, and I’m thankful for that. Even in its imperfections, I did get a picture of an understanding that there was a black and white. I credit a lot of this understanding too, to the fact that I went to a church and the Bible was taught regularly. I remember dreading going to “big people”/”big church” part of the service, and not kid’s service, because I knew there was going to be reading from the Bible, singing, and more serious things. None of these things were bad, but even then I knew there should be a reverence for holy things. I have not stayed in that same exact environment, but the time and experience laid a prevenient-grace type of groundwork for a foundation in Christ that was to come. My Dad, whether he realizes it or not, has taught me a lot about the fear of the Lord. My friends who discipled me in college and taught me about spiritual mothers and fathers, also have taught me much about the Fear of the Lord. Both are invaluable to me now. The reason I elaborate on this concept of parenthood is that to me it is directly tied to the idea of the “fear of the Lord”. My parents in the spiritual taught me about rebirth in Christ, and my parents in the natural still teach me daily, too.

Article Ponderings: Article – “What Grows From A Healthy Fear of the Lord” by Michael a. Milton

The article is not too long, but it is wonderful!

There were more than 10 verses that the author chose to write about how the treasure of the Fear of the Lord is not only a staple in the Christian life, It is like an overarching theme and well-needed dietary supplement. If we think about Jesus as the bread of life (John 6:35), or ourselves hungering and thirsting after righteousness (Matthew 5:6), hungering for words of life and thirsting for the living waters, then I would say “The Fear of the Lord” is one of those elements we need to digest as much as our constitutions will allow. (And we should be!)

To me, if for no other reason than to Hallow the Lord’s Name, to honor God’s Name, and to not curse God, or blaspheme, we should hold to the fear of the Lord, the Fear of God. There’s nothing more powerful than the Name of God, the name of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. This is probably the reason why we can hardly find his name on our television channels or in publications/news, etc. His name violates sin itself, and if I could remember the Fear of the Lord for one thing for the rest of my life, and it was the only thing I was allowed to remember, it would be that I know I need to fear God to keep His name Holy (See the Third commandment of the Ten Commandments). “Because he loves me, says the Lord, I will rescue Him. I will protect Him because He acknowledges my Name” (Psalms 91:14). His Name can deliver from the worst dream, the most hellish vision, the hardest of enemies, the deepest of dark depths, the most-nagging-fly-a-thought on the mind, the most desperate state of the human soul crying out – that healing ointment arriving immediately in response to our crying out “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus”.

Here is the link to the article:

I used to be bad at reading, but my husband has helped me to get better. There is a wonderful chrome extension application called “Read Aloud”: A Text to Speech Voice Reader. Please download this at this link, and it will read the page for you, albeit robotic, gets read much faster and with more fluidity than trying to read something alone. Here is the link for that:

When you’ve successfully downloaded it, you’ll see it in the upper right of the internet screen, (where you put in website names to search), and the symbol will be an orange megaphone. Whatever you want to read, go that page, and click your megaphone, it will read for you – Sit back and enjoy!


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