An Enlightening Article on “Christianity” by the History Channel

4/2/23 This afternoon, I worked on finding a list of Christian practices that Christians are either known for because of religious practice, of those practices/traditions especially found in Scripture. I was looking for a list of like ordinances in the church but also other practices. Some things in the list I was looking for was a list something like: taking communion/The Lord’s Supper, washing of one another’s feet, baptism, laying on of hands for sending anointings in prayer, people praying for one another’s healing, praying in “Jesus’ Name”, saying the blessings for food, holy water, or anything like that, etc. I know there is a passage that speaks on the elementary teachings of Christ in the New Testament, in the book of Hebrews Chapter 6. Hebrews 6 has a type of list in the first few verses of that chapter. Hebrews 6:1 in different versions seen here.

But in that search, which will need to probably be given more time and given another article, actually led me to this article, which I was able to listen to/read.

Click here for article “Christianity” by the History Channel.

This article goes through the life of Jesus, the creation and journey of the early church, and also talks about the relationship between our Christian faith and other religions. They also review how history has seen changes in the form of developed branches within Christianity such as Catholicism, Lutheranism/Protestantism, and proselytism.


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