Q: What Does Following Jesus Look Like? A: Being A Disciple

04/10/2023 In the past week, a question came up in my emails, and another group had it either put in on their website or in a link associated with the email. But I pondered it throughout last week and some over the weekend, and wanted to take a chance to try to answer it. There are so many people who have probably answered already, and I’ll try to find that email, because I’m sure now it was probably an article already written.

What Does It Mean to Be His Follower, to Be His Disciple?

I have thought this issue through before thoroughly either purposely, or in aiming to implement a life that looks like a life that would be worthy of a calling of His. Personally, the greatest call above all that I know, and hold in my heart, is the call of the idea of being’s one’s “Disciple”. To me, the word “disciple” greatly defines this idea of “following Jesus” and the word itself encases multiple meanings to me. I see it, the concept of being Jesus’ disciple as the highest call that a person could get from a religious leader, and also as a reasonable expectation of one’s self, to consider themselves a “disciple”. The idea of being a disciple is that being such keeps the soul grounded in the idea of “discipline” from Jesus, which (discipline) sounds like the word disciple. Now “discipline” doesn’t sound pleasant in itself, and truly isn’t pleasant all the time. “No discipline is pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness for those who are trained by it” (Sorry I don’t have the reference, but its in the Bible somewhere, I know). Biblehub.com would have it! It is not intended that I drive in a sadistic idea as the definition of a disciple, but you use whatever definition helps you. But “discipleship”, could also imply, if we’ll let it, that the conversation with Jesus is ongoing, and that He moves along life’s journey with us, as we submit our life to Him. I am sometimes so encouraged, especially recently, if I ever feel I “Hear” or “perceive” one message from Him, even one. It’s then I realize that despite everything, all my blunders, sins, incompetent attempts at righteousness, He IS STILL COMMUNICATING WITH ME! And that makes me fall in love all over again. How encouraging is that, that amidst us working through everything, He is just as present, and He isn’t relying on things going successfully for us, rather maybe He rejoices when they don’t, because at least then we’ll talk to Him. Of course, I’m sure He’s glad to make us happy, but He really wants to be with us, and that’s His intiative. No, we actually really already know all things are working for our good, and I hope you get the point. “And we know all things work for the good of them that love God, and who are called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28).

Image by CCXpistiavos from Pixabay

I think I realize that the healthiest way for me to view being Jesus’ disciple and knowing what it means to follow Him should look like several things, but following Jesus should look like “Jesus” Himself, as we attempt to please Him daily. He is the pinnacle, the utmost good, the most precious Shepherd, and His Presence is the most rewarding thing I can think of in this life or the next. I’d love to live a life full of His Presence. Enjoy this song, as it came to mind about God’s presence called, “Here In Your Presence” here and their lyrics are OK, too!


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