Homeschool Opportunities: My Friend and I Saw “Homeschool Revolution” at an Augusta, GA IMAX Theatre

Note: See Facebook Events for your own local homeschool opportunities. See Facebook Dashboard – Click Your Calendar For Events, Search Homeschool in the Search Bar and see what you can find.

My friend Ashley is highly experienced and active in our homeschool Christian community. She wrote this excerpt below following an event we attended, a movie we went to on June 13th. We went – Mom’s night out – and saw Kirk Cameron’s Movie “Homeschool Revolution” in theatres showing June 13th and 14th. It was quite a treat to see it in the IMAX theatre in Augusta, Ga with reclining chairs and movie theatre effect ambiance. We were spoiled there for a moment. 🙂

Ashley does a great job looking up Vacation Bible Schools, Free Events for the family, Nature Events, Events with her local church, Events with other churches, and Events with helping families in need.

Ashley wrote after our mom’s night movie event:

“There are some great opportunities this week: To be encouraged, To connect with other home school families, To possibly get a break from the kids. A highly encouraged (time) reaching out to another home school mom and just taking a break. Whether it’s going to see the new home school movie or going to the home school mom night of encouragement or just going to grab a bite to eat. 🥰 Breaks are important too.”

It may be too late to catch this to be shown again in theatres, but I aim to be on the lookout for more opportunities like this that are profitable and enjoyable.

Here is the link for the Kirk Cameron film presented by Fathom Events.

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