Babette’s Feast – A Must See! – Rent on Amazon Prime images

This film is phenomenal. It is about 2 Protestant sisters that live their whole lives single to help their minister father and his preaching to a localized church group. Both sisters have men call of them to get married, but both sisters decide to stay with their father. Because of war troubles in France, they take in a impoverished cook who comes to live with them that pleads with them to let her stay for free, since they are poor and cannot pay her a fee. She used to be a royal cook, and they are not really too aware of this. After she had been with the 2 sisters for about 14 years, she wins the Lottery of France! Then she decides to make a giant (10,000 francs), expensive, lavish meal to treat and spoil a community that has only ever seen simplicity and meagerness. What a tremendous story! Then the Christian Community that belonged to the two sisters, is brought together to enjoy a holy meal. They eat quail, sea turtle, indulge in the most coveted wines, have fruit, salad, and what looks like a 5 course meal. So sweet! It is a sacred movie to me, and an unforgettable story. I would encourage everyone to watch, but it is all in French (so,if you can bear it), so you will need subtitles! Wonderful!


Author: Wesley Gospel is self-published in the spirit of John Wesley and the Reformers, as when they used the printing press. The truth of God won't be censored or suppressed!

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