The Forefather and Patriarch Abraham – Professor of Math and Astronomy, in Egypt?

1/22/23 From some of John’s research, he found that Josephus, a man who is credited with much of the historical learnings about the validity of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and also Jesus’ life on earth (from what I remember) – also wrote about some information he gathered about the forefather or our faith, Abram who became Abraham. I learned more about Abraham today. [John is always finding some new nugget of truth that is intriguing to me. :)]

ABRAHAM WAS A MATH AND ASTRONOMY .πŸ”­ PROFESSOR IN EGYPT: whereas the Egyptians were formerly addicted to different customs, and despised one another’s sacred and accustomed rites, and were very angry one with another on that account; πŸ“Abram conferred with each of them, and confuting the reasonings they made use of, every one for their own practices, he demonstrated that such reasonings were vain, and void of truthπŸ“šWhereupon he was admired by them, in those conferences, as a very wise man, and one of great sagacity, when he discoursed on any subject he undertook; and this not only in understanding it, but in persuading other men also to assent to him. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«He communicated to them Arithmetick; and delivered to them the science of Astronomy. (28) For before Abram came into Egypt they were unacquainted with those parts of learning: πŸ”’ for that science came from the Chaldeans into Egypt; and from thence to the Greeks also. ” –Josephus, Antiquities 1.8.2

Adam Clarke, when commenting on Genesis 13:2, says this is where most of Abraham’s money came from.πŸ’«

Whoa – that’s a neat secret from history!


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