Dreams in the Bible – Great Short Synopsis of all the Dreams in the Bible: “Infographic: Every dream in the Bible (and what they mean)” by Jeffrey Kranz


Image by sajo95 from Pixabay

What is there in this world more fascinating than a dream from God, the maker of all souls? I have always found dreams fascinating, and had a few from childhood before the age of 12 that were reoccurring or just memorable. However, when I was 12, I had a week of dreams that dealt with the Lord’s (Jesus Christ’s) return, and I was frightened to pieces. I didn’t have the wits to write them down, and they were frightening to me only because I already knew a little about God and the Bible. I told my twin, Regina, but I didn’t have grid for telling anyone or putting 2 and 2 together, that there were already several dreams in the Bible. Anyway, I hope to do a video on them, because I can humbly say, that now I have had many dreams. The whole topic can be sticky in the world’s eyes, the topic of “dreams”, because of the poor understanding of the idea of a soul. Usually dreams are taken in psychological terms, dismissed as “bad pizza” or even”A piece of spoiled potato”(remember Jacob Marley in Ebenezer Scrooge’s tale – A Christmas Carol), and there is not near enough excitement around the topic as a whole! So, I plan on (amongst many plans that need pursing) making a youtube video series of Dreams – What they are, How to get them, and WRITE THEM DOWN! It’s such an involved subject and dreams themselves are often symbolic, mystical, demonically influenced, or just poorly followed up on. Here is an “infographic” which is a picture that Jeffrey Kranz put together of all the dreams that are found in the Bible. He has an article on it, and it would be better to read the article, because I cannot get the picture/infographic to look good with the formatting of this blog. It just doesn’t fit good, and its blurry. So here is a diagram infographic of the dreams, but please visit this site instead:


Click on the link in blue, and you should be routed directly to the article, and I thought it was great. I am simply assuming that all the dreams are on this infographic, sad to say I haven’t done the homework myself to test it, but I do have knowledge of all the ones they have mentioned from reading my Bible.

This by no means is all the supernatural that there is in the Bible, which is even more intriguing, because there are still other visions, miracles, trances, experiences that go along with the otherworldly idea of dreams. Recall Jesus’ transfiguration scene, or when the dove that came down and lighted on Jesus when He was baptized.

Please enjoy and it will be great to have a quick overview of all the dreams noted in the Bible.


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