Who are you trembling for? “Demons Tremble” Video – Derek Prince DECLARE THE TRUTH

1/1/23 No fear this year! (Except that of our God – Isaiah 66:2 and Isaiah 66:5)

Image by Jeff Jacobs from Pixabay

I have personally been in situations where I have very definitely much thought about the things Derek Prince says in this video. This is very insightful teaching he shares in only a few moments, that is a great revelation on fear of God versus the terror of the devil. Today, for some reason, the topic of witchcraft has come up about 2-3 times. Our family “Bible Binge” Sunday hour, was reading through Isaiah and his direct speaking against magic in Isaiah chapter 48 and verse 12 which speaks directly against spells, sorcery, and malicious magic intended to cause harm or fear. Then we also watched a documentary that shows the dangers of letting vulnerable children or any person read things such as Harry Potter with no discretion advised. We don’t see this too often or hear about “magic” in our Christian social circles (unless maybe it’s there I don’t hear about it). However, in the life of the believer, I can attest that another spiritual problem, related to “spells” moreso than magic, is the manipulating one person may do to another to have their way, or to have their prerogative take place. I can say when I have faced this horror before, I have felt a trembling and knowing that abusive behavior is happening. I have felt it at work, at school, at home coming from the television, at bible study, and even in dreams. There is no place where a manipulative spirit could not be found, I don’t think. Sometimes, I have so much fear that I would freeze up and my limbs will tighten. I thankfully know I can call on Jesus’ name, especially in dreams “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!”, and be pulled out of a nightmare as surely as the Lord’s name is victorious. But there is not much good teaching on the idea of people, even religious people, who try to threaten others with intimidation and using spirits other than the Holy Spirit. Please watch this video, and if you have ever wanted to talk about it, send me an email at rebekahshomework@gmail.com or call me at and it would be held in the strictest of confidence. If you don’t feel comfortable using your name, I understand, just use the name “Anonymous”, or some Alias. I would not tell a soul, except God. I have struggled with this before, and I know how to overcome it by the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony.


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