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1/26/23 Creation. God’s creation as best as we can define our understanding of it.

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John had made us a statement of faith for our family, and he has done such a great job with it. I wanted to post his update on the creation part, as he has put a lot of energy into it. Here is the updated portion of the Creation section of our statement of faith:

2. Creation. God created all things in six literal days; and on the seventh day, He rested.
   1. The Scientific Community is Ruled by Agnosticism. We reject the concept of theistic evolution: which claims that each of the creation days stand for millions of years. While most scientists today will claim that there is evidence for deep time and evolution, we believe that such claims are only made to secure their own scientific careers, to lend their support to a view that is now old and popular, but not because it is honestly truthful, encouraging scientific activity with an agnostic bias toward scientism, and influenced by the theories of an unbeliever: Charles Darwin. His ideas were borrowed from his grandfather, who in turn borrowed his views from Lucretius, an ancient atheist and Epicurean philosopher from Rome.
   2. The Early Christians Believed in a Historical Adam. Lucretius essentially denied the existence of Adam and all creation stories. About 135 years after his death we can find that Luke 3:38 said, “Seth was the son of Adam. Adam was the son of God.” Early Christians living in the Roman Empire would have been aware of views like Lucretius had. Yet here is proof that they had faith in Adam as a historical person. Creation-denying views such as those held by Lucretius and Darwin, are contrary to Genesis 1-3, and undermine the most basic teachings of Judeo-Christian faith.
   3. The Notion of Deep Time is Without Any Historical Support. We believe that natural history museums like the Smithsonian, and science magazines like National Geographic, are completely agnostic, anti-Biblical in bias, and that the notions they have about homo sapiens living more than 500,000 years ago, are simply imaginative exaggerations. They say that human beings evolved, from some line of apes in Africa, which might even have racist undertones that were used to justify slavery and white supremacy. The only “proof” they have for this are fossilized bones that they’ve patched together with some Stone Age tools. They have no intelligible archaeological artifacts that suggest time periods, no legible writing, no real solid proof of any life histories with times and dates, like you would normally expect when doing academic history. We believe the Genesis timeline, Josephus, the legends of the Jews, Philo, Herodotus, and several ancient historians have shown that the world is about six thousand years old, not billions. Archaeology suggests that legible cuneiform writing only goes about this far back to Mesopotamia, the “cradle of civilization,” and the area where the Garden of Eden is believed to have originally existed.
   So we affirm this as the consensus view about creation that was held by Biblical theologians in church history, from Martin Luther to Puritans like James Ussher; and continued by 19th century Scriptural geologists and modern creationists. We totally agree with young earth creationism (Genesis 1-11; Exodus 20:11; 1 Timothy 6:20).


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