“Kathryn Kuhlman Interviewing Corrie Ten Boom” (YouTube)

3/25/23 I have always loved learning about Corrie Ten Boom, who was a survivor of the holocaust camps, specifically the Ravensbruck Concentration Camp in Germany. She survived her family members who were put to death, one by one. Her story shows her amazing and supernatural bravery amidst death that no one could fathom but God.

I have read her book, and had my daughter Mary, also read “The Hiding Place”, which is an amazing retelling of Corrie’s story. She had a movie made, but it is very almost literal at times, and I admit hard to watch. She is honored and heralded around the world for sharing such a story. This interview with Kathryn Kuhlman is very enlightening, and it’s marvelous the way Corrie lights up when she retells it, knowing that some of it must be so horrific, but does recall it so elegantly. This woman has traveled and dedicated the remainder of her life to telling the story. She has already gone to Jesus, and her biography, best I can tell (I haven’t read the whole webpage), can be found here.

Please give her book a read sometime, and you will no doubt be encouraged, as it is a true story.

Please buy it anywhere you can find, but if you need a link to buy it and order it online here.

Corrie’s Interview With Kathryn Kuhlman

This interview is over an hour long, and I had to watch it in segments to get through, but would do so again in a heartbeat – it’s SOOOO GOOD!

Here is the link, click on this video and gather all the wisdom you can from this courageous lady!


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