“God Does Speak to Us, Even God!”

04/27/23 God the Creator!

I am reminded today that God is always having blessings for us around the corner, and sometimes I have the ability to take it in just what he is doing! When I was in college and a babe in the Lord, I was thrilled that the Lord would speak to me, and I got a new high every time I perceived something that He would speak directly to me. Something he had just for my ears or eyes. As I got older in the Lord, at times I had been complacent in only processing what He had said (which certainly has its place!), rather than keeping the awe, joy and wonder that God, the God, THE GOD, The Real God, God above the clouds, God who sent Jesus, was speaking to me.

Image by Dan Fador from Pixabay

I feel that perhaps many people who are nature lovers, animal admirers, and yet are persons who have not yet received Christ, (realizing He is the Creator), are more appreciative maybe of what is created, because deep down maybe their spirit knows God could be real. I envy those people who can goo-goo ga-ga over nature. I wish I had more time to do the same. There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with it! It does wonders for our soul, if we would let it. Every time I go outside, I can see something new, feel a new breeze, find a new bird, or hear a bird’s call, and yet the order God has put there – in His created things, is still there, from the very beginning. God gave us this BIG earth as a gift, as if he gave us a present with a bow on it. To top it off, he gives us His Son on a cross. What a wondrous God! He really has already given us everything! Please take some time to enjoy this GREEN season, and realize the gifts God has given to you, too!


Author: Wesley Gospel

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